Trudeau Who?

Hello from Tel Aviv. Things are still going well, I’ve managed to avoid any infections so far. My blood counts are still low so that will take a while. Pounding back as much fluids as I can, still need to flush out the kidneys. On a happy note for the first time in years my eyes aren’t sore all the time and I can comfortably wear my contacts. I’m trying not to read too much into this but it is encouraging. Ahhh, the little things …


On The Mend

I’m back in the room now after 3 nights at the clinic. I got my stem cells back yesterday. The two days of chemo were not fun, but I slept through most of it thankfully. I started feeling better as of yesterday. Not great but definitely better. Now begins the waiting game and germ/infectious agents avoidance. I should gradually feel better so it’s mostly just wait and see. I am hopeful things will go smoothly.


Well, I was wrong about the schedule. I don’t do the hip aspiration till Monday. I got the picc line yesterday and that went super smooth. A couple pokes and chat with the doctor 5 min while he’s working and you’re done. Today I’ll start Lemtrada. Bye bye mutinous t-cells.

The Plan

We met with Dr Slavin last night for a chat and exam. HSCT will go ahead!

They took some blood this morning. Tomorrow there’s nothing. Friday the picc line will be inserted. Saturday I’ll have the hip aspiration (they extract MSCs from the marrow and freeze them in case you want them down the road) and start two days of anti-lymphocyte drugs to start thinning out T-cells. Monday and Tuesday will be chemo to finish off my misbehaving immune system. Then Wednesday is day 0, I get my stemmies back!

Everyone at the clinic has been friendly and helpful. I am eager to get started.

We’re Here!

Greetings from Tel Aviv. We arrived Friday around 1. The flights were good and we had no troubles with the connection at Pearson. I’ve been laying low, I was quite exhausted after the trip, I just can’t sleep on planes. I go for my first visit to the clinic Tuesday at 6. Probably just more chilling out in the meantime, maybe a tour of Jerusalem. We’ll see.