Time Flies

Today is my stem cell birthday. Hard to believe a year ago I was in Tel Aviv undergoing HSCT. Oct 14 was the day I got my stem cells back.

After HSCT I had some immediate improvements. Chronic pain in my eyes and feet all but disappeared and fatigue, which was by far my worst symptom, went away. I no longer take modafinil which I was taking before for fatigue. Also my voice returned to normal. I still slur a bit but I don’t sound like I’m forever in the library. I still tire easily compared to before MS but I’m not constantly exhausted. I’m on disability now, have been for the past year. I have been exercising for 11 months and I’m taking a rehab class at the U of C but although I’m in reasonable shape I haven’t found exercise helps any. Just makes me tired and makes my walking and balance worse.

I am hoping I may yet see further improvements but as I’ve stopped declining all the time I’m very happy.