Well This Is Nice

I was at the clinic this morning and they said my blood test yesterday was good and took the picc out. I’ll go in for a blood test tomorrow and see Dr Slavin on Monday. As long as there are no unexpected issues I’ll be good to go!


5 thoughts on “Well This Is Nice

  1. Hey Geoff, although it has been many many years when Mike posted about your diagnosis and search for treatment I started praying for you to be safe, to find strength and to overcome and become a beacon of hope for others. I have read your journey thus far, seen pictures and felt the hope and struggle intermingling within you. Over years and lifetimes know that there are a lot of people, even some you may never know, sending pieces of their strength to become pieces of yours. I am one of those people. The Geoff I knew WAY back when seems to me to be the same good person you are today. I know that you deserve the best and I will continue to pray for your family, friends and most of all for you.
    In prayer
    Danielle Revering

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